A Nazarite Generation

A Nazirite Generation

In Numbers chapter 6, the details of a Nazirite vow are outlined. A Nazirite was an Israelite under a special vow to the Lord to set himself apart for the Lord in a season. This included things like giving up wine and other alcoholic drinks, letting their hair grow long as a sign that they are holy and set apart for the Lord, and not going near dead bodies so as not to defile themselves. The three most prominent Nazirites mentioned in the Bible are Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist. Each of them was a Nazirite from birth. They were all born to barren women, and they were all the answer to national distress during their generation.

The first time I heard the term, “Nazirite,” a friend was telling me that her husband had taken Nazirite vow. I had no idea what that meant so I went to the bible, and read about the specifics of a Nazirite vow. Still, I was lost. Sure, I could understand what it meant to be a Nazirite in the Old Testament. But why would this guy be taking a Nazirite vow today? What did that mean? And how did the vow apply to us?

So I began to talk to God about what it means to be a Nazirite in today’s society. I believe He is calling the Church to live like Nazirites. The specifics of our vows unto him may not be exactly the same, but our hearts are completely committed to him like Nazirites of the Old Testament. The modern-day Nazirites are the ones who will voluntary consecrate themselves and set themselves apart as devoted to the Lord. They will submit themselves to God completely. They are the ones who will live their lives for Jesus no matter the cost. No matter what it looks like, they will pursue revival.

When Samuel’s mother, Hannah, pleaded for a son, her desperate prayers moved the heart of God. He performed the miraculous because of them; he impregnated a barren woman, and she birthed a son who changed the nation of Israel. Much like Hannah, America is barren and in desperate need of a Son. There are worship centers, revival hubs, and houses of prayer across the globe that have been crying out for revival day and night. When God hears the despairing prayers of his children, his heart is moved to perform signs and wonders in this land. These places have been impregnated, and being birthed out of them is a generation of Nazirites that is the answer to America’s anguish.

The image of revival in the New Testament is seen in the life of John the Baptist. A Nazirite from birth, he lived a fasted lifestyle in the wilderness until it was time for him to present a call to repentance and prepare the way for the coming King. Similarly, this new breed of Nazirites is being called to live lifestyles of fastings and purity. Lou Engle described it as “a purity that freely chooses to abstain from what is acceptable for the purpose of gaining what is otherwise unobtainable.” In the Old Testament, it was acceptable to drink wine; however, Nazirites showed that they were set apart by choosing to abstain from drinking wine or other alcoholic drinks. So many things in this nation are considered acceptable today—premarital sex, drinking alcohol, smoking, cursing, homosexuality, pornography, abortion—but just because it’s okay in the world doesn’t mean it’s okay in the Kingdom of God. If we are contending for heaven on earth then we must live like we are worthy of being in heaven.

This means living without compromise. It means living in the world, but not of it. It means denying your flesh, taking up your cross, and following Jesus every day. Too many Christians have been satisfied living lukewarm lives. They think it’s okay to give God some of their lives, and then hold onto pieces of compromise for themselves. We, as Christians, are being called to a higher standard of holiness. It is no longer okay to live with one foot in the Kingdom and one foot in the world. It is black and white; there is no gray area. Jesus desires from us a whole-hearted, voluntary love that starts with repentance and ends with obedience.

Although Samson told Delilah the source of his strength, and ultimately broke his Nazirite vow when she cut his hair, God had mercy on him when he repented. His hair started to grow back, and God gave him the strength to kill more Philistines during his own death than he had throughout his entire life. Even though Samson disobeyed God and broke his vow, God still used him to begin the rescue of Israel from the Philistines because he had a repentant heart.

John the Baptist recognized the importance of having a repentant heart, and through his call to repentance, he acted as a forerunner and paved the way for the manifest presence of God in the flesh. He was an outcast. He was mocked, persecuted, and eventually murdered. But he influenced an entire generation and changed the nation of Israel. This call to live a Nazirite lifestyle won’t be easy. Not everyone will understand it. People you once had close relationships with will no longer be a part of your lives. Some will be by their choice, and others you will have to let go of yourself. But greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. As forerunners, revivalists, and Nazirites, it is our responsibility to declare a call to repentance and prepare the way for the return of our king. God chose you for such a time as this. The kingdom of God is at hand, and we have a choice to make. For me, I choose Jesus. I choose revival. I choose to live under a permanent Nazirite vow to live a lifestyle of consecration to Jesus. I don’t care what it looks like or who it offends.

A Nazarite Generation

I Agape You

by Cindy Denney

Hebrews 1:8-9

 But about the Son he says, “Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever;a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.

As I sit here at His feet praying in my back yard on this beautiful, breezy, summer morning, I began to pray for our nation and the sin that rages all around us. The Holy Spirit directed me to begin to pray for someone in my life that has hurt me so terribly bad. Although I love them so very much, drugs and immorality have taken them from me.

I was reflecting on the anger that rises up in me when I see this person high on drugs and how detestable it is to me. I just don’t want to watch them in their dysfunction. It is a feeling that creates a passionate push from me to have to separate myself, even though there is still great love there. It seems paradoxical for this love and anger to reside in the same place.

As I  talked to God and admitted that I had Agape love for this person, which is a love that is a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, and is the highest of the four types of love in the Bible, He began to show me how His heart feels when He looks at a people in a nation that have allowed sin to bring separation.

His love is Agape love. It is unconditional.

Just as when I see the person that I love in sin and it hurts my heart within, to the point of anger, this is also how He feels upon a people that have turned to sin instead of Him. I could feel the pain in my heart as heaven’s burden was becoming one with mine. The tears began trickling down my face as I allowed Him to show me this place.

See, the thing is, when I experience very small, momentary glimpses of this person when they show up sober and in their “right” mind, my hurt is exchanged to hope instead and compassion rises in the knowing that the person I love is still in there. I also know that God is able if we are willing. Freedom can come for this person again.

And so, He has taken me on a heart journey this morning that basically just reminded me of who He is. He is love. He is a lover. Love is not passive. He can not look on sin because it hurts Him deeply. It hurts to the point of anger and He will do what ever it takes to have those He loves return to Him.

He is just waiting for her to turn back to her “right” mind so that He can bring her into complete restoration. He will take the least severe means to cut away everything that hinders love in our lives. He wants to bring us into the purist form of love, the love we were created for.

As for me, I will continue to make and appeal to heaven for the one that I love, as well as for those that He loves. For His joy strengthens me in the inner most places of my heart. After all, I am standing with the greatest intercessor of all times and His name is Jesus.  (Hebrews 4: 14-16)

I Agape You



by Candace Scott

I looked around our worship service today and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. As the presence of the Lord fell and sweet worship was lifted up to Him, I looked around and saw freedom.

I saw my 3 year old nephew asleep on the stage at the feet of his papa playing keyboard. I saw a woman prophetically painting her dreams in the corner with children at her feet painting as well. People were dancing with joy and waving flags. I looked on the stage and saw my husband, who just a few short months earlier had left me for a life of drugs and homosexuality, singing with joy in his heart and light in his eyes. I saw him free.

You see, it’s been a long road and the enemy has stolen a lot. And as I listen to the stories of those around me, I’m coming to realize that’s the case for most.

At that moment I thought, “Thank you Lord, thank you that you choose me to be alive for such a time as this. Thank you that I get to be a part of the Great End-time Awakening. Thank you that I was not only called but that you choose to intervene with every twist and turn of my life and place me here at this very moment and place. Thank you for choosing me for revival.”

It’s overwhelming at times. This call is amazing and filled with wonders and joys I have yet to even fully experience. But it is certainly not for the faint or weak of heart.

It’s an all or nothing call and requires you to count the cost fully.

God is stable in all his ways. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. However, we are a stubborn, slow to learn rebellious people and we have dragged our feet ushering in this final great revival wave.

His times are set, they are appointed. He will use the least possible means to accomplish things in his time. But rest assured, He will accomplish it.

For you see, this revival can’t happen without us. That would be contradictory to its purpose. This is a revival of hearts back to Him. A harvest of souls that will lay their lives down and worship at His feet. From the beginning, we were created in a paradigm of voluntary love and that hasn’t changed.

As hungry as we are, as much as we’ve laid down, I wonder how much more He yearns for us. I wonder what fiery passion, glory and majesties of heaven itself He is ready to release in His zealous love for us. As much as we think we are ready for revival, how much more is He ready so that our hearts may be turned fully toward Him?

These last few months I’ve watched as God brought my husband back, completely stripped away the things of the world and transformed him into who he was always created to be. He has allowed me supernatural grace and forgiveness to get past the hurt and devastation he caused. Has it been easy? Certainly not. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, asking Him each and every day, “God search me.”

We’ve searched and fought for deliverance for freedom in its wholeness not just in part. It’s been a constant leaning on Him and daily death to ourselves. We have truly lost our lives as he has called us both out of our jobs and to a life of full time ministry. He’s called us not only to have a part in revival but to BE revival.

Freedom doesn’t always look like and rarely feels like I thought. But there is constancy that always remains. For I can feel in my spirit and see all around that even though we may not be standing on the mountain top yet, we have passed the point of no return.

We are closer to the finish than where we started. For those of us who are in it. Who have chosen to recognize we were born for such a time as this and to say yes with everything we are…..There simply is no going back.

We are forever changed. Most if not all still have wounds we are working out. But we are done putting temporary fixes on fatal wounds. We have ripped off the bandages and applied the blood, used the healing ministry of deliverance and prayer, we’ve sought are freedom and claimed it as our own because it is.

We are done believing the lie that we will be forever caught in the traps of this world. Swayed by every twist and turn and shiny counterfeit thing thrown are way.

We are simply done. Because we have been undone by his love. When the enemy trips us and we fall, we just fall deeper in his love and see a part of his grace we haven’t seen before.

We have chosen to submit ourselves to a constant refining. And it isn’t always pleasant but it’s always, always beautiful. He always takes ruins and makes into more than we could have ever imagined.

It is so real and there are still days when I feel I’m being swept under the waves. But I realize they are just waves of His love and glory. I realize I’m not going to drown because we are all about to ride this great end time wave. For the first time this elusive thing, REVIVAL is real. I’ve got to touch and taste the smallest little piece of it.

I know the one who brings it, I know the one it is for and He has given me new breath and air to breathe so I can exist for Him alone.

I look around and I see love, joy, freedom, struggle and it’s all just so beautiful because it is all in his hands. I have surrendered to his will and I know that no matter what storms may come I am safe there.

These days none of it makes much sense the things He has called us to do. The faith He has asked of us. But then I am reminded of His word and that I believe, so I really shouldn’t be surprised by any of it. But I am, I am still in awe every time I look around and see…REVIVAL.

Candace and Ryan Scott are currently birthing a new ministry, Genesis, focusing on renewed Hope by God for marriages. See our Facebook for more information. 


Repayment Time

by Candace Scott

As with most things, I find myself saying, “Well this isn’t how I imagined it would be.” A phrase I’m all too familiar with. You see, for years now people have prophesied to me that the Lord was going to repay everything that was stolen.

That everything that the locust ate would be given back and even more.
That joy would come in the morning and I would be given beauty for ashes.
A garment of praise for my heaviness.

As I sit in our new house for the third night, I am finding it hard to truly be present in all that He has done in such a short time. It’s not just a house. It’s a home. A place where I can be a mother again. A place where joy and peace can return.  For these are just a few of the things that were stolen. I know in my spirit it’s a place where time can be repaid, healing can happen and all things made new.

I know its repayment time. I see it… its right before me. But somehow it just doesn’t feel quite like I imagined it to.

I want to believe that I have made it so far, that I never get in my emotions or let my eyes wonder from His gaze, that I never forget His goodness. But of course I’m reminded often that I’m not quite there. For truth be told there’s a mountain of emotions and the memories still a bit raw from all that must be repaid.

The truth is I can still feel the weight.

The JOY of the Lord is my strength. He is my portion and there is a peace that keeps me steady. But at times I must admit it feels so heavy. The goodness He has shown me and the ways He has begun to repay have caused me to face His love in a way I never imagined. I’ve had to find faith in who He says He is and that He does what He says He will do.

I deserve none of it yet He freely bestows all of it. He’s worked miracles and given me the very things I have always asked for. Yet in my still not quite there yet self I have the nerve to question if it’s real.

If I could really have all of this. If He has really restored my marriage, delivered my husband, called me out of my job to full time ministering and allowing me to be at home with my children. To a new home with space and room for us to run and play and make memories once again. That He can really heal all that has been broken.

I guess when it really gets down to it, I question whether or not He really loves me that much. As if He didn’t already prove how much He loved me when He hung on the cross. When I really think about it I think how I dare question what He gives and what He can do. He promised it so he will complete it.

I know it’s not about me and I see that now. I know we’ve entered into a different time than has ever existed before. Whatever it takes to fulfill his word for His kingdom to come…it will be done.

If He has to bless me so that I can fulfill my destiny, He will. The weight that I feel is still raw and could be overwhelming if I let it. The cost of it all, what it took to get here. Repayment time is here and I know that the pain of it all will be wiped from mine and my boy’s hearts. But for now I’ll let if serve as a reminder to what the repayment is for.

I’ll go on so that true revival will come, so that my boys will be spared the pain of having repayment owed to them anymore than they already do. So that this land is changed and things can’t be so easily taken. So that they will make the choices that keep the doors to the enemy closed so he can’t come and steal what they have.

I’ll take the pain for now because it stirs me inside that no one else would know it.

I know He delights in giving everything back to me and more and I am still working on receiving it with open hands. But I also know that He was there with me every step of the way as it all was taken. He was there and held every tear in his hand I know that His heart broke with mine and that is the only way He knows just what to pay back.

It’s the Year of Jubilee when all debts are cancelled. When I look around at my life and all that He is doing I know it’s true. The balance is still big and the enemy racked up quite a bill in the hearts of my boys and I. I see the healing coming and I refuse to let the weight keep from the prize that is His love.

So, Lord, I pray to let the reminder of what lingers only serve as interest to keep me moving towards you and never to forget the actual cost you have paid.

Candace and Ryan Scott are currently birthing a new ministry, Genesis, focusing on renewed Hope by God for marriages. See our Facebook for more information. 

Repayment Time


by Kristen Moore

Matthew 6 : 28

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin
When someone comments on the clothes we wear, how they’re not the latest fashion or how they’re not the best looking or how we’re not in style, it can cause us to put up walls and possibly even adopt a spirit of poverty. Sometimes it even becomes a competition. It can cause us to want to dress like or better than someone else. But why does it matter?
If you’re there to love Jesus and someone else is there to love Jesus and to get closer to Him, why should you strive to look better than anyone?

We have to seriously look at what Jesus is saying in Matthew 6:28 – 30. In verse 28, Jesus says “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.”

Here Jesus is telling us to just take a second and look at the flowers. They don’t wake up every morning and go to work or school and worry about how good they’re dressed. They don’t wake up and think “Oh man! I hope I out dress my neighbor today, that sunflower next to me is way more privileged than I am because they have the latest petal enhancements.” That’s ridiculous. Flowers don’t work or worry about how they look. They just wake up every morning and bloom their best for Jesus!

Verse 29 says “Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Solomon was a very, very rich King. He had the finest everything yet even he could not compare to the beauty of a flower when it came to how he was dressed. It doesn’t matter what clothes you have or if you are or aren’t keeping up with the latest fashion trends and verse 30 tells us why.
If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? It doesn’t matter what we wear because God will clothe us with heavenly garments more beautiful than the flowers. And he’ll clothe us with earthly garments too. It may not be the latest fashion trends but he will give you clothes to wear. How do I know?  Because if He cares enough about a flower to make it the most beautiful eye-catching thing in a field, how much more abundantly does He care about you?
The answer is more than you can image. His thoughts for you outnumber the grains of sand. His love for you is endless and relentless. And His passion for you is fiery.

 You know what will make you look better?

Spending time in the word. Spending time with Jesus. Spending time in the throne room of Heaven and in worship. All of those things will make you more beautiful than any clothing or accessories. When you let Jesus clothe you then he will clothe you with glory and righteousness and purity and humility and grace and mercy and wisdom and people will begin to notice a change in you. A change so profound that your entire life and personality begins to reflect Jesus.

And isn’t that the goal? Not to have petty arguments over clothes but to bring the lost and hurting to know Jesus?


Revival Rain

by Jessica SowardsRainstorm-View-From-A-Plane-Picture-Of-The-Day
A couple of weeks ago in Southern California, despite a drought serious enough to warrant a state of emergency, record breaking rainfall caused flooding that washed away part of Highway 10.  As soon as I saw the news story that Monday morning, something stirred in my spirit the way it always does when I hear prophesy.

This September marks the end of the Shemitah year, which has, in history, coincided with disaster and judgement. Just in the last two cycles of the Shemitah, we have experienced as a nation the monumental attack of 9/11 as well as two of the greatest stock market crashes in history.

If the past is a good indicator of the future, it’s safe to say all the voices warning of impending judgement are correct. Except, there’s more history to look at than just the history of Shemitah years.

This September does not only mark the end of the Shemitah. It is also the beginning of the year of Jubilee. The Jubilee year occurs every 50 years, and is when slaves are to be freed, debts are to be cleared and the mercies of God are to be particularly manifest.  This particular year of Jubilee happens to be the 40th one since Jesus walked the earth and the 70th one since the Isrealites took the Promised Land.

This knowledge has kindled a sense of anticipation in me that I can’t quite describe. I’ve been waiting for something, though I’m not sure what exactly, and when I heard about the rain in California, that waiting place in my heart leapt a little and God began to speak to me.

There have been many prophetic words that are backed by scientific theories about California’s future. Surrounded by faults and shores, chances are very good that a large part of the state will be, at some point, underwater.
But they are in a drought, crying out for rain.  They need it in a desperate way. Just 48 hours before the rain began, in the same area that would be flooding days later, wildfires raged over highways, igniting cars and threatening homes. California has been miserably, dangerously dry. Yet what they need the most will someday overtake them.

As the weatherman said Monday morning, the rain came due to a perfect alignment of circumstances. It came so heavy it broke records. It flooded in, breaking bridges and overflowing reserves. It rushed into a dry place and saturated it.

Judgement will still come to our nation. It has to. There will be a great shaking, famine, war. I know because Revelation says so. But sometime in the midst of the drought, before the great shaking and the drowning water, there will be record-breaking outpouring of revival. And there will be growth and life and a great harvest, as there always is after abundant rain.

We may be in a year that historically holds judgement, but we are approaching the year that historically holds mercy. We are calling out for God to move. Our nation, with its rebellion and bathwater religion, is poised for revival. It is in spiritual drought.

Many are prophesying doom this September but I disagree. Yes, it’s coming. But I prophesy a breaking of the floodgates of heaven, a flourishing of growth and life, a flood in the spirit of unprecedented revival rain.  The Spirit will pour out on all flesh. There will be healing. There will be signs and wonders. Manmade structures will be torn down by the rushing waters and ground will be dislodged. This will be no small flood, but it will surely saturate everything that is dry.

This will be an outpouring to sweep the lukewarm either into God’s favor or His judgement. Slaves will be freed. The cry of so many desperate for the presence of God to become manifest in our nation will be heard.

There are houses of prayer and revival hubs digging deep all over the country. We are reaching a point that the rumbling of rushing waters can be felt. Just a little bit further. Just a little bit deeper.

The judgement IS coming.
But the outpouring is coming first.

Revival Rain

Have I Done Enough?

By Brenda McCune

Crying and sleeplessness has impacted a few of us.
This is some revelation and insight to that. I have been in deep intense prayer for days and weeks, asking God to show me His heart. The past two nights I have been filled with an electrical energy that I can not describe and can barely contain.

I am pondering the concept of the word ‘stand’ that God keeps downloading to me repeatedly. As I do, I pray for Grace, and kindness and gentleness, things that do not seem to come naturally to me and things that others cite in me as lacking. I plead with God to create in me a clean heart that I would be a vessel worthy of carrying His message. As I pray, he shows me.

I have to get up off my knees and start pacing back and forth in my room because the electricity in my body makes it feel as though I will burst, and in my mind, gone are my pleas to see the heart of God and revelation of my own inadequacies, as he brings back into my remembrance the data. The data that I have studied and digested repeatedly over the past year.

60 Million.

That is as many people as inhabit the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri and Oklahoma. It is our city of Conway, the whole city, ONE THOUSAND times. If any of these geographic locales were decimated, surely THAT would be newsworthy and something people would get electrified over.

Then, God places me in remembrance of my life, and it flashes before me like a scene from Schinlders list that has always haunted me. When Liam Niessen / Mr. Schindler must grasp the fact that he in fact did NOT do all that he could.

Then, God places me in remembrance of the first time I attended Marketplace Ministries. I drove up in my $80k Mercedes, wearing light jewelry that day probably valued at around $10k. And it hits me. This, their grieving, this pain, this electricity in my body is something so far beyond outrage, it is the heart of the Father. God is beyond what could be described as ‘grieved’ by the taking of innocent unborn lives.

He is shaken and consumed with an anger that the human race He has poured so much love into, has acted in a way so contrary to His nature and contrary to the potential for what would be best in them. Like Mr. Schindler, I have at times been haunted by the question, “Have I done enough?” because the answer is a resounding, No.

And I fell to my face and I wept. I repented and relented and ask for grace to try again. To try again to fight a good fight for these little and voiceless ones whom are so dear to the heart of the Father. And I prayed for more grace, again. To speak only words that come from Him, words that will reach and teach and draw and convict our decrepit race into action.

Hear us, Oh God, and change us, fix our wicked ways, turn us from our idolatry that causes us to sacrifice the youngest and weakest to these idols of our flesh, rid us and deliver us from these idols made of wood and stone and glass and other temporary matters. Open our spiritual eyes that we may see our utter depravity and wickedness and the evil that we have committed in Your sight.

The fact that most of America is not wide awake, in fear of having nightmares about dead baby body parts, really speaks to the moral bankruptcy and anesthetization of our souls individually and collectively. We are a wicked, wicked people. God have mercy on us all.

Have I Done Enough?